If your taxes are wrongly levied, you should defend yourself against it by filing an appeal and a lawsuit. However, appealing successfully in tax matters is anything but easy.

You have to fight your way through a thicket of tax regulations to convince the tax office of your point of view. In doing so, you must address the interpretation of tax laws by the tax courts, the Federal Fiscal Court, and the tax authorities. You need to bring forward your own interpretation of the laws based on the legislative history and the legislature’s purpose into your justification. In all of this, you must consider procedural law, e.g., the question of which notice you must appeal in the first place, whether it is you who must prove a fact or the tax office, what interest runs, etc. In other words, you should leave tax litigation to an expert.

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At the latest, if you have to deal with the tax office in the tax court, you should be represented by lawyers who specialize in tax procedural law. We will reliably assist you and solve your legal conflicts.


We combine our years of experience in procedural litigation with highly specialized expertise in tax law. We successfully represent your interests with careful planning, effective strategy development and a very good sense for all components of the process. You can rely on our expertise and tactical negotiating skills.


We regularly represent individuals and companies before fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court. We specialize in disputes concerning income tax, corporate income tax, reorganization tax and inheritance tax law. We are not limited to certain fiscal courts, but represent you nationwide.