When an inheritance occurs, you as the heir are faced with an almost unmanageable number of administrative matters as well as official and bank appointments. In a time of grief, you suddenly have to answer inheritance law and inheritance tax questions in addition to taking care of your children, your job and other day-to-day efforts. You may also have to deal with other heirs who may live in different locations. That’s a lot of tasks that pose major challenges for you as an heir and can lead to mistakes that can’t be corrected later.
Triple View GmbH Rechtsanwalts- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft - Estate Settlement

In this complicated and emotionally stressful situation, you can rely on our support. With empathy, experience and professional competence, we will handle the probate process for you, advise you on legal implications, help you make decisions and settle your inheritance matters for you.


Of course, we take your needs and concerns into account, take all necessary immediate measures, report the acquisition to the tax office, determine and explain the inheritance tax, value estate items as well as debts and recapitulate the acquisitions of the last 10 years before the date of death of the deceased for you.


In addition, we see through, arrange and secure the estate, clarify any complicated and lengthy inheritance matters and, of course, ensure that you do not suffer any disadvantages in terms of income tax.